Sharon Frost

About the Artist:

Sharon Frost has a B.F.A from SUNY Oswego. She has owned a decorative painting and mural business with her husband Skip for more than 25 years.Her artwork is built on layering and
mixed media which gives texture and depth.

'The Big Exhale'

My love of nature is my script.
With layer of mixed mediums,
the dreamlike landscapes emerge.
The paint quality running and moving
partially determines how the painting proceeds.
It is a metaphor of life,
where nature has many layers
and it cannot be totally controlled.
I coax the medium to express my kinship with nature.
Painting is my meditation
and my empathetic expression of the world.

The gallery has a variety of Sharon's exquisite gold leaf and oil enamel paintings, completely unique and awe inspiring.

Artist Mediums: Mixed Medium, Painting

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