Joanna Frye

About the Artist:

Joanna Frye is a North Carolina Native, born and raised in the Piedmont area. Her family spent summer vacations along the Atlantic Ocean, where she began to recognize a strong draw to the sea. Joanna received her formal art training from East Carolina University, where she obtained a BFA for painting and drawing. After living in Texas, Colorado, and California, Joanna settled in Wilmington, NC., where her love of the ocean continues to inspire her wonderful, oceanic artworks. The gallery has many of Joanna's sea shell and vintage bottle artworks, each totally unique and beautiful.

Artist Mediums: Glass, Metal, Mixed Medium, Natural Elements

Artworks by Artist

State Beach

Spring Murex

Side Cut Nautilus on Green Bottle

Sand Dollar

Polished Clam Shell & Pink Murex

Octopus Coral with Sea Fan


Conch Shell Sculpture 1

Atlantic Sea Fan

Alfonso Urchin