Jewel Becker Simmons

About the Artist:

Born in Amish country and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Jewel's career has included graphic arts, publishing, writing and jewelry making in the Philadelphia and Boston areas. She moved to South Carolina in order to convert a barn into a studio. The daughter of an engineer and a clock maker, she has a deep love of clocks, watches, and mechanical things. She began making jewelry out of watches, ephemera, and other found objects. Jewel creates jewelry out of fine Silver, in the 'Steampunk' style, a blend of repurposing and vintage. Jewel is also an accomplished abstract expressionist painter, painting with acrylic and watercolor mediums.

Artist Mediums: Gift, Jewelry, Metal, Painting

Artworks by Artist

Watch Back Pendants

Steampunk Choker/Necklace/Bracelet



Gear Cap keychains


Dragonfly Pendant


Confluence 3

Confluence 2

Confluence 1