Donna Michaux

About the Artist:

Donna is knows as the "Turtle Lady" for her commitment to our local Brunswick County Sea Turtles. She has been an ambassador and adoptive parent for the threatened Loggerhead sea turtles for more than 30 years. Donna holds a BS in Biology from Queens University in Charlotte, and a MSPH in Environmental Sciences and Engineering from UNC Chapel Hill. Donna began her pottery career at Queens University. All of Donna's pottery pieces are hand-thrown, and one-of-a-kind. Being a certified SCUBA Dive-Master for more than forty years has contributed, and inspired her passion of the ocean and the creatures that dwell in it.

Artist Mediums: Gift, Glass, Porcelain, Sculpture

Artworks by Artist

Whimsical Glasses

Turtle Shell

Turtle Platter

Turtle Egg Plate

Turtle bowl

Slump Bottle

Sea Star Jar

Sea Life egg platter

Leaf Dish

Large Sea Life Bowl