Clarice Falconer

About the Artist:

Clarice Falconer lives and works in Southport, NC. Clarice has been a potter for more than forty years, She works in porcelain clay, creating the most detailed, exquisite wildlife and fantastical ocean pottery pieces. Clarice also designs and creates jewelry,

Artist Mediums: Porcelain, Sculpture

Artworks by Artist

Sea Life Luminary

Octopus Vase

Oak Tree Vase

Oak Tree Vase

Mermaid Vase

Marine Vase

Magnolia and hummingbird Vase

Large Sealife Vase

Large Mermaid Vase

Gecko Vase

Frog Vase

Fish Dish

Egret Vase

Egret Marsh Vase

Bunny Vase

Bird Vase

Beaded necklaces

Beaded necklaces

Bachelor Buttonhole Vase